Toll to install more driver monitoring technology to detect fatigue

Toll Group will install Seeing Machines’ fatigue monitoring system across its fleet for both drivers and office staff.


Toll has signed a deal with US safety technology firm Seeing Machines to integrate new driver safety systems across its fleet.

The technology monitors an individual’s eyes, face, head and facial movements to detect fatigue and distractions.

Seeing Machines says the technology includes an in-cab sensor, real-time alerts, safety analytics and office monitoring.

Toll already uses fatigue detection technology in parts of its fleet. As part of the deal with Seeing Machines, Toll will expand the use of the devices into other areas of its business.

"At Toll, safety is our priority and we continually seek to improve the environment that our employees work in," Toll compliance manager Bill Law says.

"Seeing Machines is a leading provider of fatigue and distraction mitigation systems, and we have worked closely together for a number of years successfully keeping our people safe. Toll is proud to be leading the adoption of this technology."

Seeing Machines general manager Michael Caggiano says Toll has been a key supporter of the company and one of the earlierst adopters of the technology.



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