Road safety tribunal turns its attention to 2016

By: Brad Gardner, Photography by: Brad Gardner

Annual work program will chart the RSRT's priorities for 2016.

Road safety tribunal turns its attention to 2016
Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal president Jennifer Acton.


The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) has started shifting its focus to 2016 with the announcement work is beginning on its program for next year.

RSRT president Jennifer Acton has called for submissions on what should be included in the tribunal’s fourth annual work program, which will set out issues to be examined in 2016.

Those interested in proposing matters they think should be addressed must lodge their submissions to the RSRT by 4pm, October 13.

"In preparing an annual work program the Tribunal is required to consult with industry," a statement from Acton says.

"Accordingly, the Tribunal invites written submissions from interested persons on the matters the Tribunal should identify in its fourth annual work program and the priority attaching to such matters.

"The matters may be any or all of a sector or sectors of the road transport industry, the issues for the industry or a sector of it and/or the practices affecting the industry or a sector of it."

The RSRT published its first annual work program in 2012.

Its current work program has been responsible for producing proposed minimum rates for owner-drivers, a draft order mandating conditions for the cash-in-transit sector and inquiries into the waste management and the wharf and ports sectors.

"The Tribunal is also considering an application for a road safety remuneration order [RSRO] for the oil, fuel and gas sectors of the road transport industry," Acton says.

An RSRO can impose terms and conditions on a party or parties in the supply chain to improve safety in the trucking industry.

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