ATA offers new technical advice on wheel security

New document highlights risks of improperly secured wheels on heavy vehicles.

ATA offers new technical advice on wheel security
ATA CEO Chris Melham says wheel security is a vital maintenance consideration.


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has updated its technical advisory procedure on wheel end security.

It says the correct securing of wheels is an essential safety issue for every trucking operator and workshop.

ATA CEO Chris Melham says the revised advisory now offers best-practice advice and technical information on every aspect of wheel security.

"Safety must always be our first priority," he says.

"A poorly-secured wheel can cause component damage and may even result in wheel loss, which is a danger to everyone on the road."

The advisory covers tyoes of wheels used, removal and installation procedures, best practice for checking the wheel assembly and the torque recommendations of each manufacturer.

"Drivers should also be made aware of how they can check wheel integrity during a journey," Melham says.

"The advisory procedure includes advice on how to perform these inspections, as well as a guide to help drivers estimate tightening torque when changing wheels out on the road.

"This guidance means that drivers can have confidence in the safety of a changed wheel until they can get back to the workshop."

The advisory was researched and produced by the ATA’s industry technical council, which is made up of both operator and supplier representatives.

The updated procedures, along with other guidance material, are available at the ATA’s online resource library. There is no charge for accessing the content.

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