FWO helps driver recover $19,000

Campbellfield-based employer used a driver’s superannuation contributions to help company in strife

FWO helps driver recover $19,000
FWO helps retiring truckie recoup $19,000.


The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has intervened to ensure a Melbourne truck driver has recouped $19,000 in lost earnings after his employer failed to pass seven years of salary-sacrificed funds into his superannuation fund.

The driver had allocated $100 per fortnight over a seven-year period from 2004 to his superannuation but, because of the misappropriation of his finances by his employer who was in financial strife, he was left facing retirement without his allotted funds.

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James says the driver sought, on multiple occasions, to retrieve the funds from his former Campbellfield-based employer but had to call upon the FWO when negotiations stalled.

"It's not on to 'borrow' an employee's hard-earned money, even if you have every intention of 'putting it back' before they come calling for it," James says.

"Employees shouldn't have to worry about their entitlements being mishandled."

Issuing a warning for other employers who might have done the same thing, James says the employer has acknowledged the actions were wrong and agreed to pay the money back in full.

In a separate situation, the FWO says it has recovered over $10,800 for a full-time delivery driver at Tullamarine.

The driver was paid the wrong award and public holiday penalties and leave loadings were withheld.



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