Truck allegedly caught travelling over 123km/h in NSW operation

Operation Black Stream examines six prime movers and six trailers in South Nowra


New South Wales police and the state’s Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) are investigating a number of alleged breaches by truck drivers in the south of the state after two vehicles were allegedly recorded well over the speed limit.

As part of Operation Black Stream, six prime movers and six trailers were inspected on Friday morning resulting in nine defect notices and seven traffic infringement notices, including three for alleged speeding and three for alleged work diary offences.

Of the three caught for allegedly speeding, two of the vehicles were allegedly calculated as travelling at 123.8km/h and 114km/h in 100km/h areas.

"Sadly we have seen the tragic outcomes that result from heavy vehicle speeding, which has led to significant penalties for companies involved," NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command assistant commissioner John Hartley says on the events.

"With our technology, and capability, we will continue the focus on speeding trucks, in an effort to drive down the toll on NSW roads."

Operation Black Stream, which has been underway for over five months, has been taking place in South Nowra.

The other operation to take place by the NSW police and RMS on Friday was the raid on Barnett’s Couriers, which was targeted after last week’s second fatal crash in four years involving one of the company’s vehicles.

According to a police statement, the authorities examined 16 vehicles and found two major defects involving defective lights and seatbelts.

Other issues surrounded a lack of medical records kept for heavy vehicle drivers, fatigue management procedures, fatigue management records, operational brake lights, and no dangerous goods policies or procedures in place with serious issues observed on site.

The on-site driver records kept were also considered limited.

Speaking on the raid, Hartley says "safety is the main priority for Police and the Roads and Maritime Service, as it also should be for the transport industry."

"In the event of a serious injury or fatal crash involving a truck, the Taskforce will look closely at all aspects of those involved in driving, loading, or operating vehicles involved in these events."



Previous editions of this article did not specify that the breaches and notices descibed above relate to alleged breaches. The publisher does not suggest any findings of breach have been made.



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