NatRoad’s Contract Determination exemption queried

Controversial Owner//Driver columnist The Interstater has questioned the motives behind NatRoad’s application for its members’ exemption from the NSW General Carriers Interim Contract Carriers Determination.

NatRoad’s Contract Determination exemption queried
NatRoad's NSW members could become exempt from the General Carriers Interim Contract Carriers Determination.


"It’s interesting that our friends at NatRoad have made an application to the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission seeking a general exemption for all NatRoad members from the NSW General Carriers Interim Contract Carriers Determination," writes The Interstater.

"It seems to be trying to gain favour with their bigger members at the expense of their smaller members.

"Spare a thought for the poor souls who chose to become NatRoad members purely for the extra fuel rebate on offer and for the occasional inquiry they might have to find a quick answer to some new development they may be struggling to understand," he says.

"Owner-drivers must start representing themselves or go the way these large employer groups look to send them, and that is into the sub-contracting wasteland like seagulls.

"The real reason NatRoad and other employer-based industry associations exist is to gain growth for their large transport company mates.

"Owner-drivers need to wake up. Why should being a NatRoad member give anyone the right to be exempt to the fair workings of those that do have to abide by NSW IR laws?

The whole point of the NSW General Carriers Contract Determination is to stop and prevent begging. It is to take away the ability of unscrupulous hirers from continually reducing rates and conditions.

"It has wide ranging abilities, all of which are predominantly designed to make the roads safer, and the industry much more financially viable," The Interstater says.

To read more of The Interstater’s views on this and other topics, read his full column in the August 2016 issue of Owner//Driver.

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