NatRoad wants assistance for small businesses

Industry body offers package of at least six proposals to tide them over tough time

NatRoad wants assistance for small businesses
Warren Clark says some firms haven’t had work since April.


While many small-to-medium trucking operators are indicating a rise in confidence, enough are not to prompt NatRoad to seek federal government financial support.

The industry body wants a one-off package for small trucking businesses to get them back on the road.

Our industry is experiencing hardship and we need to do something about it," CEO Warren Clark says.

"We are hearing first hand that people haven’t had work since April, which they are struggling to make payments on their trucks and mortgages, experiencing anxiety and facing bankruptcy.

"We need to stabilise and support small trucking businesses to get them back on the road with confidence."

Clark, who has previously advised small businesses as a chartered accountant, says that NatRoad has outlined a one-off package that government could implement to help owner drivers and small trucking businesses with their immediate financial needs as well as support and advice to strengthen their businesses.

The proposed package could include:

  • a recovery concessional loan
  • household assistance for a set period
  • managing small trucking business program
  • access to financial counselling services
  • tailored advice from the Australian Taxation Office
  • taxation measures such as accelerated depreciation to lower the fleet age of owner driver vehicles and stimulate the industry.

"The one off package is similar to the Australian Government support for farming families and businesses affected by drought and other hardship," Clark says. 

"Australians can’t move and sell their goods with only large trucking companies; we need a mix of specialists and smaller trucking businesses that have the flexibility to fill the gaps and take on a range of jobs.

"Owner drivers and small trucking businesses underpin the ability of many Australians to move and sell their goods – livestock, grain, timber, fish, retail freight, moving house, building supplies or medical supplies.

"Now is the time to support and strengthen small trucking businesses so that they can improve their business operations, become more resilient and contribute to a competitive industry.

"We also need to take a close look at the structural shifts that are occurring in our industry and how they are affecting everyone – particularly small trucking businesses."



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