Livestock bodies highlight election differences

Rejection of mandated rates and small business support underlined

Livestock bodies highlight election differences
Rural-focused industry has election decisions to make.


In their pre-election analyses, two associations representing rural and country trucking have identified positives in Coalition policies that are missing in other parties’ platforms.

With differing approaches on political neutrality, particular positive points the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) and the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association (LBCA) see in common are the rejection of minimum rates and the treatment of small businesses.

ALRTA national president Kevin Keenan says that members had a clear choice this election.

"There are several important differences in the policies announced by the major parties that rural transport operators need to be aware of," he states.
"The Coalition has abolished the RSRT and will not mandate minimum rates for owner drivers.

"The threshold definition for small businesses will be increased from $2m to $10m and the company tax rate will be lowered.

"This will mean that many more small transport businesses will gain access to taxation and red-tape concessions".
"This week, the Coalition sweetened the deal with the announcement of a $10m fund to improve the truckwash network in NSW".
"Labor remains committed to mandating minimum rates for owner drivers and will re-establish a mechanism to bring it back. 

"The small business concessions will not be extended.
"Many in the livestock supply chain have voiced concerns about a new Labor policy to establish an independent Office of Animal Welfare and an Inspector-General of Animal Welfare. 

"This sounds frighteningly like another uncontrollable RSRT type body that could threaten the live export trade.
"The Greens do not support live exports and will take away fuel tax credits.
"The ALRTA is an apolitical association and we do not tell our members how to vote."

Emphasising an "unbiased, neutral position", the LBCA also noted the NSW truck wash pledge as welcome development.

"The overall policies offered by the Liberal-National Coalition, including recent initiatives such as ‘Fixing Country Truck Washes’, in our opinion will complement the environment rural transport operators work within particularly for owner-drivers, businesses with a turnover of between $2m - $10m and businesses involved in the live export supply chain," it says. 

"Voting isn’t easy and other factors outside of our industry such as health, education, communications, defence, state and the Federal Budget need to considered when casting your important vote.  

"Being a double dissolution election – meaning it is, in effect, a clean sweep of the Senate – it’s anyone’s guess what the result will be."



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