Industry backs in-vehicle freight technology trials

Trials will pair VicRoads data with Navman Wireless and VMC technologies to improve safety and productivity

Industry backs in-vehicle freight technology trials
VTA CEO Peter Anderson supports the trials.


Victorian Transport Association (VTA) welcomes the news that VicRoads will soon launch freight road trials to help heavy vehicles navigate roads more efficiently.

The in-vehicle technology trials are part of a state government initiative to improve the productivity and safety of road freight transport in Victoria.

The trials will pair VicRoads data with new technologies provided by Navman Wireless Australia and Vehicle Monitoring Corporation (VMC).

The two-part trial will include helping divert trucks away from vulnerable sections of the road network, as well as ensuring that vehicles carrying dangerous goods are operating safely.

During the first phase of the trial, Navman Wireless Australia will use in-vehicle navigation technology with VicRoads data to direct heavy vehicles onto routes based on their mass, length, width and height.

This trail is expected to prevent operators unintentionally using unsuitable roads and driving under low bridges.

The system will send in-cabin alerts to drivers as they approach rail crossings or low bridges.

During the second phase, VMC will partner with BOC Linde, ELGAS, and Cootes Transport, to test technology that ensures vehicles carrying dangerous goods, such as combustible gas, are operating safely.

It involves intercepting VicRoads data to verify information, including mass and trip details. This trial is aimed at showing how real-time data collection can improve management of dangerous goods vehicles.

Both trials will start in the coming months and will run to the end of the year.

VTA CEO Peter Anderson says such trails help inform operators how innovative technologies can help improve productivity and safety across the industry.

"The VTA has long been an advocate of using technology in and out of the cabin to improve productivity, efficiency and safety for drivers and operators," Anderson says.

"These trials are an important step in continuing to educate operators that relatively accessible and inexpensive technology can make immediate contributions to improving their bottom lines and improve driver safety.

"We strongly encourage other jurisdictions to follow VicRoads' leadership role in providing data for in-cabin systems, so that drivers can have access to a guidance system that directs them to approved routes."

Navman and VMC were chosen by VicRoads and Transport Certification Australia (TCA) after over a year’s assessment on various strategic and technical principles.



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