Warming to DAF

By: Peter and Di Schlenk

Due to a twist of fate, Kampman Transport has added a new DAF XF105 to its fleet, and driver Dave Inskip is slowly warming to the European brand

Warming to DAF
Dave Inskip with his children Sienna (front), Makayla (left) and Harly.


DAF sales may be modest compared to other makes, but the Paccar brand is enjoying a steady rise in numbers purchased over the past few years. One of the new DAFs, an XF105 has found its way into the small Kampman Transport fleet, based in the south-east New South Wales town of Bega.

Dave Inskip, the DAF’s driver, admits he took him a while to become accustomed to the truck after driving a Kenworth T401 for the company.

"The old Kenworth was as solid as a rock but it just took some getting used to the DAF’s cab moving around a bit," Dave says.

"Don’t get me wrong, it is a comfortable truck. It’s just a different sort of comfort."

A 510hp MX13 Paccar engine powers that DAF, coupled to a 16-speed automatic box.

"It doesn’t go like a Cummins but for what they are and what you pay for them they are a good truck," Dave continues.

Growing up near his grandparents’ farm, Dave began driving trucks as a sideline, just to earn a bit of money on the side. He spent 12 years involved in earthmoving after getting his licence to drive a tip truck – a White Road Commander – at age 20.

"I did a lot of casual work driving milk tankers and log trucks," Dave recalls. "I would drive the log truck on the weekends, but this is the first time I have gone full time driving and I’m loving it."

Dave smiles when he says he recently bought his wife Bee a new VF Commodore SS, explaining that will keep him driving for a while yet.

Unfortunately, an accident in October 2015 meant it was goodbye to Dave’s previous Kampman’s truck, the T401. He was going up Brown Mountain on the NSW far south coast when a truck coming down the mountain rolled in front of him.

"I watched him roll in front of me and he took me out," Dave explains.

"He was coming at me at 80 clicks. I was doing 70 so there was a reasonable impact," he adds. "It wasn’t a nice experience."

The Kenworth was a write-off, and he suffered a back injury. Dave is steadily getting back to normal although he’s still sees a doctor and a physio regularly.


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Shortly after the accident Kampman’s bought the new DAF XF to replace Kenworth.

Kampman’s colours are very bold and the DAF certainly stands out.

"It’s a beautiful colour scheme, but we were all a bit worried when the boss told us he bought a DAF.

"It was painted in Melbourne and we wondered what it would actually look like, but it has come up really well."

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