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By: Peter Schlenk, Photography by: Peter Schlenk

Cleanway’s MAN TGS 8x4. Cleanway’s MAN TGS 8x4. Cleanway’s MAN TGS 8x4.
Craig Britten and his son Beau. Craig Britten and his son Beau. Craig Britten and his son Beau.

Driving refuse trucks may not be to everyone’s liking, but Craig Britten enjoys being behind the wheel of an 8x4 MAN TGS


There were over 100 trucks at the Bega Convoy for Kids earlier this year, but a couple of rigs stood out from the crowd. One of those was an MAN TGS 35.440 in Cleanaway livery, the pin striping adding a nice touch.

Its driver, Craig Britten had the MAN looking spotless, including blackening the tyres. It indicated the pride he has in the truck.

Craig has been driving for 32 years, first getting behind the wheel at 17. He’s been with Cleanaway for the past nine years.

"I’ve done interstate for Twyfords here in Bega for quite a few years," Craig explains. "Previously I was working for Allen Atkins and then went driving B-doubles in the bush piloting log trucks."

The MAN usually tows a tri-axle dog trailer with Craig running from Bega up to Sydney, Wagga Wagga and Canberra, while the company’s 8x4 Scania handles the local work.

Driving the truck after Cleanaway went through a phase of buying the brand, Craig says he’s more than happy with his rig as it’s a beautiful truck to drive and, despite only having 440hp, he finds it adequate for the job.

"I go up and down Brown Mountain every day and it is steady," Craig smiles.

"It is probably the most comfortable thing I have ever driven.

"It has a 12-speed auto and so all I have to do is sit there and steer."

For Craig, the best parts of the job are the country roads and the variety. As an extra touch, Craig’s boss Glen Horswell decided to add pin striping to the MAN, thanks to Cleanaway’s vinyl cutter.

"The pin striping takes the truck to the next level, just one above ‘normal’," he says.

Cleanaway had four trucks in the Bega Convoy and all of the drivers were keen to get behind it and support the day.

The trucks ranged from a Dennis Eagle collection truck through to Craig’s 8x4 MAN.

Read more about Craig Britten in the November issue of Owner//Driver. Subscribe here.


In brief

Name: Craig Britten

Company: Cleanaway

Truck: MAN TGS 35.440 8x4

Engine: 440hp MAN D20

Transmission: 12 speed auto

Freight carried: Cardboard

Regular run: Bega to Tumut



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