Man survives jump from out-of-control truck at 125km/h

By: Cobey Bartels

Jumping from a truck travelling at well over 100km/h is a nightmare for most, but one truckie had no other choice.

Man survives jump from out-of-control truck at 125km/h
The truck Phillip Gotty was driving after it had rolled following his escape. Photo: Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter Service


New Zealand truckie Phillip Gotty experienced a brake failure and ended up jumping from his truck at 125km/h, surviving but at the time thinking 'That's it, I am gone, I am finished'.

In a video, 53-year-old Gotty talks of the nightmare experience saying he’d tried all backup options to slow the truck before realising he may have to jump.

The truck accident happened along Napier/Taihape Road, near Kuripapango.

"I started to push on my brakes, and there was no brakes coming on. So what I did was, I started trying to chop through the gears to try and slow the truck down, but the gears weren’t working at all. So then I tried the handbrake, the handbrake wouldn’t work at all as well."

"By then I had built up speed of about 60km/h." 

Survival instincts kicked in, and Gotty planned his escape from the quickening truck.

"So what I did was, I started to line up the paddock down below.

"I planned to jump into the paddock and let the truck go.

"By the time I got towards the paddock I saw a big barbed wire fence, so I decided to go back onto the road and jump on the road, push the wheel of the truck to the left towards the bank, let the truck go left and I’ll go right.

"So a leap of faith, really."

According to reports, a passer-by pulled over and helped Gotty, who was airlifted by the Lower Corporation Rescue Helicopter Service to Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital with a punctured lung and leg, shoulder and head wounds.

Following surgery, he awoke three days later and according to reports, plans to get back to work.

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