VIDEO: Truckie saved by fellow operator after water crash

By: Cobey Bartels

Brad Rowe, a truckie for LET Group in Laverton, was on a routine run out of Shepparton when he saw a truck travelling in the opposite direction veer off the road and into an irrigation channel.


Brad caught it all on dash cam, and as it unfolded he and his passenger Andrew were quick to pull up and run to help.

"I had a passenger with me and we both saw a big cloud of dust when he left the road," Brad explains to Owner//Driver.

"I initially thought, ‘okay he’s run off the road and maybe he’s gone down a dirt road’.

"Then he went up the bank and it was apparent he was in trouble.

"When we got to him there was water up to his chin in the cabin."

The 62-year-old driver of the submerged truck managed to escape with the help of Brad and other witnesses.

"He couldn’t undo his seatbelt and he kept trying to get out the driver side which could have washed him away because there was a bit of current.

"I got him out of the passenger side door.

"The truck had jack knifed and water was up to the top of the cabin which gives you an idea of how deep it was."

For Brad and his passenger, helping was a natural response.

"I’d like to think anyone would have done the same thing and another truck driver did stop to give me a hand when I was in the water," Brad says.

According to reports, the driver involved in the crash has been released from hospital and the investigation into the crash is still underway.

See the video below.

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