WATCH: The truck that chases waves

We came across a very unique Benz Actros, built with the sole purpose of travelling Portugal and Morocco chasing waves...

WATCH: The truck that chases waves
Wonder if they've got any driving gigs!


Forgot living in a van, surfers now have the option of the Truck Surf Hotel, a mobile wave chasing hotel on wheels.

The pair that kicked things off, avid surfers Daniela Careiro and Eduardo Ribeiro, travelled the world in a camper van chasing surf spots and wanted to share the lifestyle with others. 

They say the project is about combining surf, nature and adventures in a new way of travelling, and what better hotel than a truck?

While we haven't slept in the Truck Surf Hotel, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume it's a little comfier than the truck sleepers we're used to. 

The only question we do have, is whether they need a driver!

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