Truckies hit back: What about a hotline for motorists?

Following the launch of the Heavy Vehicle Confidential Reporting Hotline on July 2 by the NHVR, readers have flooded our social media with a myriad of concerns.

Truckies hit back: What about a hotline for motorists?
What are your thoughts on the NHVR's new confidential hotline?


The common sentiment is that why isn’t there a hotline for all vehicles, rather than just trucks. 

Here are some of the comments:

Tom Thumb: How about a hotline for drivers who want to get better at their craft and can't trust the online lawyers of Facebook? Guess dobbing in dodgy trucks makes more money hey, isn't that what this is all about?

Wayne Scott: With the attitude of the general public they will need a big call center.

Michael Seliametis: How about a hotline for all the motor cars on the road with only one head light working, or has one to no brake lights working, mirrors handing off or missing, body and bumpers damaged or not even on, bold tyres and the lost hose on. Even brakes that have gone metal to metal, children unrestrained in the cars. Where dose the list end. Where is there blitz.

Jim Gatt: Last Saturday I tried to call the NVHR (and RTA) to get information about an oversize route - couldn't speak with anyone! Yet they have a 24hr line to report heavy vehicles go figure.

Chris Thomas: Just when you thought we'd reached the limit of government interference and incompetence........
Nothing like asking unqualified car drivers to call judgment on mechanical defects.

Mike Gallagher: A hotline for caravanners whould be good also.

Wayne Scott: Watch the car drivers conplain about speeding trucks because there own speedo is inaccurate.

Alan Spacechooker: Lucky we have a very good camera setup to disprove all the allegations.


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What do you think?

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