Truckie Toilet Ban: YOUR stories

Our recent ‘Truckie Toilet Ban’ story received a heated response from readers who shared tales of toilet denial ranging from typical to outrageous. Here they are

Truckie Toilet Ban: YOUR stories
The quality of the toilets on offer at truck stops is disgusting


Paul Litton: Large hardware chain in Toowoomba at 6am told me I couldn't use there amenities as only trade customers were allowed in. Funny they changed their mind quickly when I dropped my strides to take a dump in the nearest garden bed.

Sean Hester: I was delivery fuel to a servo for a supermarket chain l, asked to use toilet. Was told no only staff can use it. So I took load away and wrote up site not safe... Bosses weren’t impressed I left but boy did the reports look funny saying that I wasn’t allowed to use a toilet?

Terrie Bradley: And mine sites are the same, you can wait all day to deliver and not so much as an offer of toilet or kitchen facilities. Been like it for years!

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Colin Reid: That’s more than drivers normally get ! Just drove down Darwin to Townsville all other stops bar the truck stops have seats, toilets, shade cover & bins! Drivers must just shut in the grass like bears! Quite disgusting!

Peter Vella: Always carry a roll of paper under the seat.

Glyn Castanelli: Try finding ladies toilets, my wife has to go to the men’s as most ladies toilets are locked at some servos and DC’s.

Stelios Papoutsidis: The toilet issue on the road is a disgrace. Most rest stops don't have any, the state of many servo dunnies is disgusting, and been told by female drivers that often the mens are cleaner than the female toilets, hate to think how bad they are if ours look the way they do.  And yes, most city servos only allow paying customers to use their toilets, if at all. But are we really going to see any change?  Go the that stupid new "On the bend" BP, a single shitter for the male toilet, and you wash your hands out in the hallway. and they expect to serve the 10s of thousands that come to see the V8s.

And Grant Alexander has a potential solution…"Ban deliveries to the culprits til they come to their senses and report them to Worksafe."

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