Berger re-elected to TWU Vic/Tas post

State secretary holds off challenge from McCrone

Berger re-elected to TWU Vic/Tas post
John Berger


John Berger has been re-elected as the Transport Workers' Union (TWU) Victoria/Tasmania branch state secretary.

A unionist for more than two decades, Berger has been at the helm of TWU’s Victorian and Tasmanian branch since 2016, when he replaced the outgoing Wayne Mader.

He is also TWU national vice-president following his election in September 2018.

"Thank you to all our strong members, you have shown we’re unbreakable throughout the election, I am humbled with the opportunity to continue as branch secretary," Berger tweets.

"We never have and never will stop fighting for you.

"We’re united, we’re strong and we’re unbeatable."

Challenger concedes 

Berger held off the challenge of owner-driver Luke McCrone, who led a ‘TWU Fightback’ campaign against the current leadership.

Read more about McCrone’s campaign here

"We all work in the industry, we have full time jobs, families to feed, and in between that running the campaign and putting it all together… I’m stoked. I would have liked to finish a bit higher, but there’s always next time," McCrone tells ATN.

"Four years is a long time, but it’s not something I’ve given up on. If not me, there are others in our team who think we could do a better job so I can imagine there will be a candidate from Fightback in the future.

"We congratulate John and his team, but we were disappointed with the campaign they ran. 

"We need something done about rates for tipper drivers here in Victoria. People keep dying. Tipper drivers are way overrepresented in the stats and the reason is a lot of these jobs are paid on a contract rate and people drive like lunatics to try and make money. I’ll be doing some work with the other tipper drivers to do something about the rates.

"We have a lot of supporters who are very disappointed by the outcome, but I urge those supporters to stand by the union.

"Even though we’re not happy with the outcome, the union is out there trying to improve conditions for drivers."


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