VIDEO: QLD truckie blocks car during police pursuit

Truck driver Robbie Were recounts blocking the path of a motorist attempting to evade police, sending the driver back the other way towards the boys in blue


In the video posted to Facebook, Robbie describes an incident on the Warrego Highway involving a car travelling the wrong way to evade police.

According to Robbie, he saw police lights and quickly checked his speed. After looking around, he realised the police were pursuing a car, which wasn't pulling over.

"Instead of going left and going with the flow of traffic, this bloke that was evading police decided to turn right and head into my lane!" Robbie explains.

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"So i've looked in my left lane, emergency lane, looked in my right lane, nothing was coming. So i've moved over into the emergency lane because he's flashing everyone to get out of his way.

"He's slowed right down because I was in the emergency lane, and he's gone to go around me."

At that moment, Robbie says, he "wasn't having it!"

Robbie pulled right over, blocked the highway off, and the driver was forced to head back the other way.

The comments on the Facebook video were overwhelmingly supportive, with one of the commenters actually witnessing it, giving the below account of what happened and thanking Robbie.


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