Clarification – Next Stage Logistics Pty Limited


An earlier version of an August report on Hennessy Transport recorded erroneous details of a company name related to Cloud Constructions Pty Ltd, the firm that Hennessy Transport was sold to in March 2018. In the Robson Cutter Insolvency Group liquidators’ report for Hennessy Transport, from Robson Cutter Insolvency Group, it was stated that Cloud Constructions Pty Ltd was trading as "Next Stage Logistics", which Owner//Driver published in good faith. Robson Cutter Insolvency Group has subsequently confirmed that neither Next Stage Logistics Pty Limited nor those whose names appear in Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) records of Next Stage Logistics Pty Limited are involved in the Hennessy case in any way. Owner//Driver accepts that the correct trading name is "Next Stage Logistic Solutions". Owner//Driver accepts that the two companies are entirely separate and regrets any negative impacts that have arisen for Next Stage Logistics Pty Limited and those associated with it due to this confusion.   


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