Hot Cross Bun Shock: ‘Every person who ate the buns blew over!’

By: Cobey Bartels

Well-known Pilbara truckie Heather Jones was shocked to have blown over after eating a hot cross bun, check out the video!


"What happened was…on Saturday morning we came to work and one of the girls brought hot cross buns," Heather told Owner//Driver.

"We all did the Alcolyzer and every person that ate the buns blew 0.018!

"We knew we hadn’t drunk anything and we thought, ‘it can’t be the buns,’ but it was!

"I don’t drink, so it was just hilarious! We were rolling on the floor laughing!"

Heather has one message for truckies out there: "Don’t overdose on hot cross buns this Easter!"

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