VIDEO: 'Intermodal' container transport

Reach stacking taken to new level in viral video

VIDEO: 'Intermodal' container transport
Do not try this at home


Every now and then, some out-of-the-ordinary content pops up on LinkedIn.

This one is for the container transport folk out there.

It comes via a user named Oswaldo Gutirrez, from Zim Integrated Shipping Service’s operations and logistics division.

With the caption "In the port do not sleep", the video shows a reach stacker in action, prime mover and all.

We’re not quite sure where exactly this takes place, though one of the comments says "this is Barcelona Port. 100% sure."

Some creative responses follow, with one user simply pointing out that a "flying truck with container" is essentially "multimodal transport", while another raises the fact that the truck "will have great fuel mileage".

Others react with outright shock, while some cynics label it a publicity stunt.

In any case, we found the content… gripping.

Check it out below:

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