HAVE YOUR SAY: Senate Inquiry into transport industry a fighting chance

By: Cobey Bartels

If you're in the road transport industry and you think things could be improved, now's your chance to do something about it.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Senate Inquiry into transport industry a fighting chance
Tony Fulton out on the road, doing what he does best


The 'Importance of a viable, safe, sustainable and efficient road transport industry' Senate Inquiry is under way, and while submissions were originally due on 17 October, they've been extended out to 8 November. 

The long and short of it? Now's your chance to have a say, and Tony Fulton of popular Facebook page Tones Truckin Stories pushed the following message out last night when he openly posted his own Inquiry submission.

Owner//Driver got in touch with Tony to chat about his submission and what made him decide to start raising awareness around the Inquiry.

"We finally have an opportunity for truck drivers to have their opinions heard, instead of it falling on deaf ears," Tony told Owner//Driver.

"This isn’t an opportunity well get every day, so we need to speak up.

"I’ve never heard of a Senate Inquiry into transport before, so it’s obviously a one off opportunity to have your voice heard," he said.

When asked why he shared submission response on the Tones Truckin Stories Facebook Page, he explained it was about drumming up awareness.

"If I didn’t know about the Inquiry until now, no one else is going to," Tony says.

"I shared my response because I can hit up the NHVR or whoever else as much as I want but they won’t talk to me. This Inquiry was a way to be able to give someone our opinion and have it actually taken on board."

The Senate Inquiry lists the following reference points:

  1. the importance of an enforceable minimum award rate and sustainable standards and conditions for all stakeholders in the road transport industry;
  2. the development and maintenance of road transport infrastructure to ensure a safe and efficient road transport industry;
  3. the regulatory impact, including the appropriateness, relevance and adequacy of the legislative framework, on all stakeholders in the road transport industry;
  4. the training and career pathways to support, develop and sustain the road transport industry;
  5. the social and economic impact of road-related injury, trauma and death;
  6. efficient cost-recovery measures for industry stakeholders, including subcontractors;
  7. the impact of new technologies and advancements in freight distribution, vehicle design, road safety and alternative fuels;
  8. the importance of establishing a formal consultative relationship between the road transport industry and all levels of government in Australia; and
  9. other related matters.

For more information and to upload a submission visit https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/OnlineSubmission and have your say.

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