Toowoomba Bypass toll free period ends

Bailey writes to remind drivers that charges now in force

Toowoomba Bypass toll free period ends
Mark Bailey, second from the left, says the charge supports freight-efficient vehicles


Queensland transport and main roads minister Mark Bailey has written to Toowoomba Bypass users reminding them the three-month toll-free period ended on Sunday.

The Class 4 charge for "heavy commercial vehicles (motor vehicles that are a two-axle rigid truck (having a gross vehicle mass over 4.5 tonnes), a rigid truck with three or more axles, an articulated truck, a bus or a motor vehicle having a gross vehicle mass over 30 tonnes " is $22.85 per trip.

"Under the Palaszczuk Government’s sensible approach, which is consistent with other toll roads in Queensland, no heavy vehicle will pay more than $22.85 to use the Toowoomba Bypass," Bailey says of the route previously known as the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC).

He continues: "A standard toll for all heavy vehicles is consistent with the state's policy of encouraging more freight efficient vehicles."

All heavy vehicles traversing the range will be required to use the Toowoomba Bypass unless the vehicle’s journey has a local destination or starting point in Toowoomba/Withcott, or is travelling to, or from, Toowoomba using the New England Highway.

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A local destination in Toowoomba is defined as a location within the ‘blue zone’ on the Heavy Vehicle Mandate map.

Destinations on the border of the blue zone – sections of Boundary Street, Bridge Street, Tor Street, Anzac Avenue and Drayton Connection Road as outlined in the map – are required to use the Toowoomba Bypass.

The Heavy Vehicle Mandate and other maps can be accessed here.

Bailey notes that the Toowoomba Bypass project was undertaken on the basis the road would be tolled.

"The toll prices for each vehicle class . . . take into account a number of factors including cost recovery, effective traffic management, perceived benefits to users of the toll road compared to the existing Toowoomba Range and minimising diversion," he says.

"Toll revenue will contribute to the costs of operating and maintaining the Toowoomba Bypass.

"Importantly, the Palaszczuk Government decided not to proceed with a proposed Super Heavy Vehicle toll class, which was proposed under the former LNP government’s 2012 business case and would have seen some heavy vehicles paying a toll of $34.25 to use the Toowoomba Bypass."

Other charges are:

  • Class 1 – motorcycles (two-wheeled motor vehicles (including vehicles with a trailer, fore car or side car attached) – $1.15
  • Class 2 – cars (four-wheeled motor vehicles, including taxis which are not commercial vehicles and including such vehicles towing a trailer or caravan) – $2.30
  • Class 3 – light commercial vehicles (motor vehicles that are registered for commercial use and are two-axle rigid trucks or load carrying vans or utilities, having mass greater than 1.5 tonnes but not exceeding 4.5 tonnes) – $5.70.


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