Bigger signs set for truck stop restrictions

By: Rob McKay

Bigger signs and more information on TFNSW website now in place

Bigger signs set for truck stop restrictions
One of the bigger signs for the truck stop restrictions trial


Early concern that caravanners and other large recreational vehicle drivers would fail to appreciate new rules at northern New South Wales truck stops has been soothed by Transport for NSW (TFNSW).

Initial images standing alerts for non-commercial drivers to truck stop restrictions on parking in areas reserved for trucks and coaches showed small warnings signs or those that appeared positions in where they might be easy to miss, particularly at night.

TFNSW has now provided an image of the sort of additional signage that will hard for any driver to miss.

It has also opened a page on its website with more details about the norther NSW trial involving two locations:  

Yelgun rest area on the Pacific Highway about 8km north of Brunswick Heads

Arrawarra rest area on the Pacific Highway about 30km north of Coffs Harbour.

The web page includes a frequently asked questions section that confirms there is to be four-hour parking restrictions for light and recreational vehicles in the general parking areas, aimed at deterring those actually camping in rest areas.

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There is no parking in heavy vehicle spaces for vehicles of less than 12 tonnes.

The current penalty is $114.

"Roads are a heavy vehicle driver’s workplace and rest areas are important facilities for heavy vehicle drivers who often have difficulty entering towns to find accommodation or are restricted from entering towns due to the goods they carry," the FAQ section states.

"Refrigerated heavy vehicle drivers also have the added complication of having to run the vehicle while they take a rest break to ensure the freight they are transporting remains cool. This can be noisy and is not appropriate in a residential area, therefore rest areas near a highway is their best option for a break.

"It is important that adequate space is available in rest areas for heavy vehicles so drivers can take rest breaks and manage fatigue. Crashes involving heavy vehicles are often serious because of their size and weight. Therefore allowing heavy vehicle drivers to manage their fatigue is paramount."

Alternative accommodation options are supplied in the web page that can be found here


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