Week-long operation hits Connect Logistics drivers with infringements

NSW Police inspected 61-truck fleet after fatal Melbourne crash

Week-long operation hits Connect Logistics drivers with infringements
Footage from an inspection


NSW Police reports a week-long compliance operation, revealed to be focused on Connect Logistics, has resulted in a number of truck and driver infringements.

The employer of Mohinder Singh, who is facing culpable driving charges for Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway crash that killed four Victoria Police officers, has 61 heavy vehicles and trailers that police and Transport for NSW inspectors scrutinised between May 7 and 13.

The operation took place at locations including Wetherill Park, Marulan, Wagga Wagga and Pine Creek, with 35 infringements issued.

Two heavy vehicles were found to have major defects "for oil leaks, excessive brake pad wear and a cracked cross brace", the report notes.

"A further 17 heavy vehicles and trailers were issued minor defects for oil leaks, brake imbalances, unsecure bolts, headlight damage, number lights inoperative and broken strut."

Fifteen drivers were issued infringements for fatigue breaches and work diary administration issues.

One driver was charged with critical hours fatigue breaches.

It is unclear what, if any, other consequences company management will face.

NSW Police tells ATN as the investigation remains ongoing it is unable to comment about the potential for further enforcement action.

How investigations on Connect Logistics proceeded, here

Commenting on the inspections outcome, Traffic and Highway Patrol Command assistant commissioner Michael Corboy says the Traffic Taskforce will continue to respond to major heavy vehicle crashes and conduct operator fleet inspections to ensure the safety of heavy vehicles.

"These operations are not unusual and have been done on numerous occasions in recent years, leading to a greater level of heavy vehicle safety and compliance," Corboy says.

"In some cases, this has also led to fleets operating not only in New South Wales, but across Australia.

"We will continue to work with other police and road agencies to ensure that fleets are safe, and drivers fit and able to operate on our roads."

Singh is set to reappear at Melbourne Magistrates Court on October 1.

Meanwhile, the Porsche driver involved in the incident, Richard Pusey, was refused bail yesterday and will next appear before the court on July 16 to face 12 charges, including driving at a dangerous speed and reckless conduct endangering life.


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