Industry opposition to HVNL fine hike

Association sees price indexation inappropriate while law is under review

Industry opposition to HVNL fine hike
Warren Clark


The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) disagrees with recent increases to Heavy Vehicle National Law (HNVL) penalties.

The increases came into effect on July 1 in line with inflation.

NatRoad says it opposes any movement on fines while the law, including the particulars of its penalties, are being reviewed.

"The indexation of infringement and offence fines is opposed," NatRoad CEO Warren Clark says.

"There is a wholesale review of the HVNL underway and increasing the amount, for example, that heavy vehicle drivers must pay if they make an error in a work diary is misplaced."

"The rationale for indexing these offences is the deterrence factor they offer in the compliance and enforcement framework. 

"They should not be used as a revenue raising device based on miscalculation or clerical error when these matters have very little to do with proper management of fatigue."

The NHVR froze some prices, such as operator fees, in response to Covid-19

Clark compares the perceived unfairness of this system when compared to other industries.

"If office workers were fined the new amount of $171.00 every time they made an error, there would be an uproar in most workplaces.

"Yet that is what heavy vehicle drivers face every day.

"It is a disgrace.

"The HVNL in-built indexing mechanism should be set aside during the course of the current review and the offence regime overhauled as soon as possible."

The review of the HVNL has moved to the regulation impact statement phase.

A list of HVNL penalties and their costs can be viewed here.


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