Reform of offence notification laws required: NatRoad

Industry body highlights confusion due to plethora of laws and rules

Reform of offence notification laws required: NatRoad
NatRoad CEO Warren Clark

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has asked the National Transport Commission (NTC) to keep notification to transport operators of their drivers’ offences on the reform agenda.

"It’s vital that the mishmash of state and territories laws be made simpler and better focused," NatRoad CEO Warren Clark says.

"Something as basic as NatRoad members getting notified of offences that have been committed whilst drivers are driving their vehicles must be on the reform agenda.

"We are in the middle of a review of the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

"There will be strengthened duties for drivers to be fit for work, which includes them having a valid licence.

"Operators need to know if their drivers have few or no points to ensure that they are legally capable of driving a heavy vehicle.

"It’s as simple as operators have a responsibility to prevent or minimise potential injury, danger or loss by ensuring their transport activities are safe.

"That means being told where a driver might have breached the road rules so that the possibility of the driver driving whilst unlicensed is eliminated." 

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The organisation has long advocated for transport companies’ right to know of legal and regulatory issues relating the handling of their trucks, citing the safety and fairness as management faces more and heavier regulation and responsibility.

 It feels that regional fragmentation hinders any solution.

"NatRoad believes that the Queensland law should be applied in all states and territories," Clark says.

"The Queensland government is building a system where operators are automatically notified of driver offences.

"A similar system should be applied across Australia.

"NatRoad members shouldn’t find it difficult to obtain data about offences and other licensing details from employees and subcontractors.

"The law must be changed and made uniform, and that should occur as soon as possible."


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