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IVECO Stralis powers Patrizicorse karting distribution

The reliable machines feature a cursor 8 engine producing 360hp and 1500 Nm, matched to the Eurotronic II, 12-speed AMT, as well as a large sleeper cab for two-up trips and on track meetings.

When the Patrizicorse team rolls into town with a load of go karting products on board, they arrive in style with the help of their IVECO trucks.

Patrizicorse, created by former Supercar Driver Michael Patrizi a little over 10 years ago, is the country’s largest karting distributor and the Australian Karting Association’s largest stakeholder.

Its mission is to help the next generation of motor racing enthusiasts to build their careers in karting and beyond by providing expert training and the full range of equipment required to make it to the top of the game.

Patrizicorse imports and distributes Lecont tyres and Vortex engines and offers a full range of services to the karting industry, including sales of kart chassis, Alpinestars racewear accessories and consumables. The company is also the official supplier of BirelART and Ricciardo Kart machines for the Oceania region.


Patrizi personally mentors and manages several young drivers with numerous World, European and Australian karting champions having passed through the Patrizicorse stable, as well as racers from other categories.

And while the karts may be driven by youngsters, there are no doubts that these are serious machines – on some tracks they’re capable of nudging speeds of 170 kilometres per hour while pulling four ‘Gs’ through corners. 

With a growing business and the need to balance racing services with parts and equipment distribution, Patrizi somewhat fell into transport logistics, through the need to distribute his products.

“I began by running a karting team for my brother and his mate and the business grew from there,” he says.


“We didn’t get our first truck an IVECO Stralis ATi 360 6×2 rigid until late 2016 and although this was set-up as a dedicated vehicle transporter, when not at the track the truck was also being used to deliver karts, equipment and spare parts.”

Prior to purchasing the Stralis, IVECO was already high on the list as Michael’s preferred truck brand for several reasons.

“Through my racing career I’ve been fortunate to travel quite widely around the world, and in Europe IVECOs were everywhere, they seemed to be the preferred brand for race transport work,” he says.

“I’m also of Italian heritage so had a bit of a preference for IVECO, but that didn’t stop me from testing a heap of other truck brands before settling on the Stralis – in the end I found I couldn’t go past IVECO.”

The custom trailer set up carries karts, tools, race gear and a mobile office

Michael’s IVECO is powered by the Cursor 8 engine which produces 360hp and 1500 Nm, and is matched to the Eurotronic II, 12-speed AMT.

The three-tier body which was developed by Aldom Transport Engineering in Adelaide, allows the team to securely transport up to 12 karts (along with tools and spares), and features a full Dhollandia hydro lift rated at 2.5 tonnes – this makes easy work of loading and unloading the karts and can also handle the weight of a GT car if required.

Other features of the Stralis and body include a sleeper cab which allows two-up driving for longer trips as well as office space where Michael can hold on-track meetings.

The transporter body has insulated, composite walling and roof to keep weight down, and importantly, lowers the vehicle’s centre of gravity.

With Patrizicorse continuing to grow, Michael more recently added a further two IVECOs to his fleet, another Stralis ATi 360 6×2 which is used purely for delivery of karting products, as well as a 19.6m³ Daily 50C18, which features a 180hp / 430Nm powerplant and 8-speed full automatic transmission.


The Daily’s role is predominantly as a kart transporter for local races, providing space for several karts, spares as well as two junior drivers and driver of the van.

“Our original Stralis has performed so well for us, it’s been reliable, it’s comfortable and it’s easy to drive, so when we had to add a couple of more vehicles to the fleet, I had no hesitations about returning to IVECO Brisbane,” Patrizi says.

“In choosing the Daily van, I really liked that it has the dual real wheels and full-length chassis, it’s more sturdy and has no issues coping with our load requirements.”

Along with its exposure to grass roots motorsport, at a global level, IVECO Group also recently renewed its partnership with MotoGP™ as the official truck supplier, as well as its association with Formula 1 team, Scuderia Ferrari.

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