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New MaxiTRANS trailers for Bitu-Mill


Four new Trout River Live Bottom trailers from MaxiTRANS have come through the doors of road profiling company Bitu-Mill, part of the BildGroup, in their latest delivery.

The trailers will be deployed throughout its national fleet, complementing the company’s road maintenance operations with enhanced safety and reliability.

Bitu-Mill specialises in some of Australia’s biggest road infrastructure projects, with divisions established in Brisbane, NSW, Victoria and South Australia, while it also works with councils and government departments like VicRoads to deliver critical upgrades.

Bitu-Mill was established in 1979 and has since locked onto the Trout River product from MaxiTRANS, with the road profiling company first buying a Trout River in 2018. Now, the trailers are deployed in every state that Bitu-Mill operates in, with a total of 16 units, five of which are in Victoria, being spread evenly across the states.

The latest additions to this growing fleet are four new tri-axle Trout River Live Bottom trailers, which Victorian profiling state manager Brendan Dixon says have been put straight to work.

“We’re very impressed with them so far,” he says.

“They perform quite well. We don’t have any issues with break downs halfway through operation or where we need to replace the belts at the drop of a hat, or anything like that. They’ve been really reliable.”

The new trailers will cart asphalt to Bitu-Mill road projects and, on the flip side, will take away material that has been profiled up with Bitu-Mill’s machines.

“The material goes in through the machine, up a big conveyor belt and then gets spat out the back,” Dixon says.

“Then, the material gets taken away for recycling. We reuse the material that comes off the roads 95 per cent of the time.”

Image: MaxiTRANS/Supplied

Since purchasing its first Trout River, Dixon says Bitu-Mill has seen the accessibility of the model play a key part in keeping them around.

“They had a good name in the industry at the time,” he says.

“We had a bit of a look around and found that they were user-friendly for our drivers. They weren’t overly complicated on how to use them or anything like that. They were pretty good with access to different parts of daily maintenance.

“It just made sense for us to get something that wasn’t overly complicated, had a good reputation and was easy to use – it’s worked really well so far.”

Fleet manager Karyna Borg says the industry’s focus on safety has also played a major part in the new model’s success.

“What we’ve tried to do within our businesses is eliminate body tipping. The hoists aren’t going up now like they’ve predominantly done, now it’s just all flat,” Borg says.

“So, there’s no risk of the truck tipping over, there’s no risk of striking live powerlines above your head or anything like that. There’s a lot of positives with eliminating risks on job sites with these trailers.”

In addition, Borg says a lack of down time works well with what Bitu-Mill is trying to achieve.

“The guys like them because they’re pretty easy to operate,” she says.

“We don’t have to give a day training course on how to operate them. Generally, it’s just an hour or so and they get the hang of it, and we don’t have to worry about tipping on uneven ground. That saved us a lot of time in that area.”

For Borg, the whole experience of dealing with MaxiTRANS has been very positive.

“For me, in my department and with what I do, communication is a big thing,” she says.

“We deal with MaxiTRANS in Victoria and they’ve been outstanding when it comes to communication.”

For Dixon, it’s all about the reliability of the Trout River product.

“They’re very reliable trailers,” he says. “The last thing I need is a truck full of asphalt, they go to get it out onsite, and the trailer doesn’t work.

“It’s big money when you’re talking a full load of asphalt, and then it sets in the trailer and it’s all sorts of dramas. We’ve never had that problem with this product, so reliability is a really big one for my part of the business.”

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