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New technology means millions more in fines for WA drivers

WA drivers

WA drivers are expected to be hit by an extra $40 million in fines over the next four years due to new road safety technologies.

Revealed as part of the WA state budget last week, the government is planning to roll out a range of new technologies, including additional Smart Freeway cameras on the Mitchell Freeway that will cost $6.1 million.

“Advancements in road safety technology have created opportunities to address unsafe driving behaviours, including driver distraction and a failure to correctly wear seatbelts,” the budget papers stated.

“Trials on Western Australia’s roads and experience from other Australian jurisdictions demonstrate that investment in safety camera technology will influence positive driver behaviour.

“The latest road safety camera technology, paired with powerful data analytics, will enable targeted and effective enforcement focused on improved road safety outcomes.”

These cameras are set to see the government bring in an additional $40 million in revenue, which will be paid into the Road Trauma Trust Account, bringing the total revenue over the next four years to $577.6 million.

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