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Next step for Holcim cartage allocation system

Holcim gains ACCC extension for concrete carrier trip allocation system in Western Australia

June 27, 2013

Holcim has made progress in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
over a cartage allocation system for concrete carriers in Western Australia and the ACCC is now seeking comment from interested parties on a draft determination.

The Equal Opportunity of Trips System is intended to ensure that each concrete carrier in Holcim’s Perth metropolitan fleet receives an equal share of work from Holcim, within a specified margin of the fleet average, the ACCC says.

An authorisation granted in 2008 is due to expire on Saturday and Holcim lodged an application for reauthorisation and requested interim authorisation on Wednesday last week.

The ACCC criticised the concrete, aggregates and pipes supplier for its tardy approach to the issue.

“Interim authorisation allows for the continued operation of the cartage allocation system, which has previously resulted in public benefits,” ACCC Deputy Chairman Dr Michael Schaper says.

“The ACCC is concerned that this application was lodged so close to the expiry date of the existing authorisation, but recognises that granting interim authorisation will avoid unnecessary disruption to the independent contractor drivers who deliver Holcim concrete.”

The closing date for submissions is July 22, with a draft determination due some time in September, a final determination in October and public consultation in between.

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