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NSW introduces machine learning cameras

Transport for NSW is introducing machine learning road cameras across the state as a part of a new freight and transport program.

They are being rolled out across the state’s north and west, located at:

  • Golden Hwy/Denman Rd, Denman
  • Barrier Hwy, Nyngan
  • Bourke Rd/Kidman Way, Cobar

Rather than traditional speed or mobile detection cameras, these cameras will instead be used for counting and classifying trucks to help the government understand freight movements.

It says this is part of an effort to reduce congestion on the state’s roads, improve road safety and encourage operators and drivers to make more efficient journeys.

Transport for NSW says the cameras will be a tool for helping to manage increasing freight volumes, which are expected to rise across NSW by 28 per cent by 2036 compared to figures taken in 2018.

The cameras will work by taking high-definition images of passing heavy vehicles, which will then be sorted by the type of vehicle and the cargo they are transporting.

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