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Penske Australia launches ‘MANumental’ truck sale


Penske Australia is launching a massive sale on selected MAN models from now until the end of July.

The ‘MANumental’ truck sale will include Penske’s MAN TGX and TGS range and includes upfront factory rebates, driveline warranties, entire vehicle warranties, and discounted contract maintenance packages.

TGX and TGS models available in this sale will also come standard with a full safety pack, telematics and roadside assist packages.

“The MAN truck generation range boasts excellent driver fit, great efficiency and economy features, optimised uptime, and makes for a strong business partner,” says head of MAN Truck and Bus at Penske Australia, Derek Schroff.

“The MANumental program builds on the already remarkable solution MAN offers customers by adding confidence through warranties, telematics, roadside assist, and the safety package.

“Additionally, customers can count on a factory rebate and discounted maintenance packages to place funds back into their operations.”

The sale arrives as MAN celebrates 100 years of diesel technology after the company manufactured the first truck with diesel fuel injection in 1924.

“Penske Australia & New Zealand is proud to join MAN in celebrating 100 years of diesel technology,” Schroff says.

“This is just one of many milestones in MAN’s storied history, and today, that innovative spirit is as prevalent as ever.

“From driver fit innovations such as SmartSelect to programmable door switches, MAN continues to create many firsts in the industry.

“The MAN range of trucks is sure to impress the most prudent of truck critics and has been a game changer with our customers who are now running these trucks in their businesses.”

Listed below is the full warranty and rebate included for each model.

MAN TGX 26.580 & MAN TGX 26.640

  • $15,000 upfront factory rebate
  • 5-year / 1,000,000 km driveline warranty
  • 3-year / 600,000 km entire vehicle warranty

MAN TGX 26.510 & MAN TGX 26.540

  • $15,000 upfront factory rebate
  • 5-year / 1,000,000 km driveline warranty
  • 3-year / 450,000 km entire vehicle warranty

MAN TGS 26.510 & MAN TGS 26.540

  • $15,000 upfront factory rebate
  • 5-year / 800,000 km driveline warranty
  • 3-year / 450,000 km entire vehicle warranty

MAN TGS 26.440

  • $15,000 upfront factory rebate
  • 5-year / 500,000 km driveline warranty
  • 4-year / 400,000 km entire vehicle warranty

You can find more information on the offers here.

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