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Prediction confirmed as Cummins to unveil new X15D in Brisbane

As exclusively revealed by OwnerDriver late last year, Cummins has now unwrapped a new big bore, light weight 15-litre engine which will be on display at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show


Following a special investigative report by technical editor Steve Brooks which previously appeared on and in OwnerDriver’s January 2023 print edition, Cummins has announced it will officially unveil its most advanced ever big bore diesel truck engine at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show.

The 2023 event will run from May 18 to 21 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The entirely new 15-litre platform, known as the X15D, is predicted to deliver the highest-ever outputs for a Cummins truck engine while setting new standards for fuel efficiency at ultra-low emissions levels.

“With the all-new X-series platform, Cummins is taking the internal combustion engine to a next generation level, capable of meeting future ultra-low emission standards with a low-to-zero carbon fuel capability,” says Mike Fowler, Director of On-Highway Business for Cummins Asia Pacific.

There is no set date for release of the X15D in Australia and New Zealand, although field tests have been underway in Australia since 2021 and, as reported earlier, predominantly in DAF trucks.

“The X15D will only be released when we are completely satisfied with its reliability and durability in meeting the harsh demands of the Australian B-double duty cycle,” Fowler says.

A reported key feature of the X15D is its dry weight reduction of 225kg compared with the current X15. A sculpted iron block and composite oil pan are among the weight-saving features that result in the X15D having the highest power-to-weight density in the industry.

“The unique power cylinder design enables much higher peak cylinder pressures – 20 per cent higher than the current engine – and that enhances power density and overall efficiency,” Fowler continues.

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Featuring the latest evolution of Cummins’ XPI (Extreme Pressure Injection) fuel system, the X15D will be offered with ratings up to 660 horsepower backed up by massive peak torque of 2,360lb-ft.

The highest rating eclipses the current X15 peaks of 615 horsepower/2,050lb-ft and will enhance Cummins’ engine down-speeding strategy for improved fuel economy.

“This strategy is about reducing cruise rpm for fuel economy gains while at the same time providing the grunt to meet both driver and trip time expectations,” says Fowler, noting that peak torque extends over a wide band, from 1,500 rpm all the way back to 1,000 rpm.

He notes field trials of the X15D rated at 660 horsepower in Australia have shown fuel economy improvements up to eight percent. By the end of 2023, more than 10 trucks will be involved in the field trial and the aim is to accumulate more than five million test kilometres.

Cummins will exhibit the new X15D at stand 94 in hall 3 at the Brisbane Truck Show.

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