Camp kitchen option for Outback trailer

MaxiTrans unveils new Outback range of trailers and buyers are happy about one thing in particular

Camp kitchen option for Outback trailer
Camp kitchen option for Outback trailer
By Gary Worrall | March 26, 2010

While most new trailer buyers usually ask questions about tare, payload and axle loadings when they are looking for new equipment, when it comes to the new Outback range from MaxiTRANS, the questions are completely different.

A popular question is how many sausages can it hold, while other enquiries revolve around how long it takes to boil the kettle.

Hardly the sort of questions expected from experienced truck drivers when looking at new equipment, but when the trailer in question has the option of a camp kitchen built into one of the toolboxes, suddenly it makes sense.

The sales manager for the Outback range, Rod Cunningham, says while the trailers have been specially strengthened to cope with the punishment of roads in rural and regional Australia, there have been plenty of positive comments about the camp kitchen.

Cunningham says the idea was floated by a sales representative at a conference, and while everyone saw the funny side, once the finished product was displayed, it gained plenty of support.

"The Outback range has three models designed specifically for poor condition roads you encounter in the outback," Cunningham says.

"We tested the prototype in north Queensland for about 12 months, and found where we needed to modify it to strengthen it."

Cunningham says the challenge was to find the balance between durability and keeping the tare penalty under control to still offer a reasonable payload – as well as being able to cook a decent feed while camped on the side of the road.

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