Groeneveld introduces automatic oiling system

Fleet managers given helping hand with new automatic oiling system for engines

March 5, 2010

A new system has been released to take the hassle out of manually checking oil levels between changes.

Used widely in Europe and the US, Groeneveld Australia has relased its automatic oil level system to help fleet managers requiring control over oil quality.

Called Oilmaster, the system monitors the oil level when the ignition is switched on or during operation and automatically pumps a small quantity of oil from the integrated reservoir to the engine when replenishment is needed.

The monitoring frequency and the addition of oil needed means the engine will run at the correct oil level, which can be significantly lower than the maximum level mark on the dipstick.

Groeneveld Australia's Graham Reid says key benefits include reduced operator and equipment downtime, reduced oil consumption, no mix up of oils to different specifications and reduced maintenance and repair downtime.

"Many engine manufacturers now recommend synthetic oils that dramatically extend drain intervals. The use of Oilmaster ensures performance of the vehicle’s specified oil brand and type prevents the introduction of incorrect grades of lubrication," Reid says.

"Other hazards avoided by using an Oilmaster system include the risk of abrasive dust or other contaminants entering the lubrication system if oil top-up occurs in an uncontrolled environment."

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