Cummins begins Australian testing of ISG12 engine

The engine is due to be released in Australia in late 2016.

Cummins begins Australian testing of ISG12 engine
The ISG12 engine weighs only 860kg but cranks out 500hp.


Cummins South Pacific has embarked on local testing for the ISG12 engine as part of a global trend towards lower displacement engines.

The low capacity and lightweight powerplant weighs only 860kg yet it cranks out 500hp and 1700lb/ft of torque. 

Australia acts as a field test site for Cummins products and there are currently four ISG engines operating in varied truck brands as product validation continues.

The ISG12 uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to meet ADR80/03 (Euro 5) emissions.

The engine also uses the Cummins XPI fuel injection system, which is touted to improve combustion and economy by delivering fuel at pressures of 30,000psi.

Australian release of the engine is slated for late 2016.

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