Commitment to Cat Trucks remains, Navistar Auspac says

Navistar Auspac says "the best is still to come" for Cat Trucks in Australia and New Zealand.

Commitment to Cat Trucks remains, Navistar Auspac says
Navistar Auspac's Glen Sharman.


Navistar Auspac has re-affirmed its commitment to the Australian and New Zealand markets, dismissing claims recent events concerning Navistar in the US will have any local impact.

Caterpillar’s decision to independently design and manufacture its vocational truck range in July spawned speculation surrounding the future of the Cat brand in Australia under the Navistar Auspac masthead.

Navistar Auspac sales and marketing director Glen Sharman says Cat is a valuable and ongoing part of Navistar's plans.

"No one should doubt the commitment and confidence that exists within Cat Trucks and its dealers around the country to grow the business," Sharman says.

"We are here for the long haul and while recent events here and abroad have caused some competitors and commentators to suggest that the effort and energy behind Cat Trucks is waning, nothing could be further from the truth."

The suggestion C15 engines, installed in CT630 vehicles, are being phased out has also been revoked. There is news the design of the next generation model is underway in the US.

The company says the CT13 engine will also remain in the CT610 model.

Five years after Cat-branded trucks hit the Australian roads with the CT610 and CT630, the company’s line-up now ranges from shorthaul rigid models to B-double and roadtrain triples.

Top of the list is the newly announced CT630HD launched at the Brisbane Truck Show in May, offering a GCM of up to 130 tonnes.

"It has been a great journey to this point but we are still on the road to achieving the true potential of Cat Trucks," Sharman says.

"In sales terms, our original expectations of where we would be in five years have not been fulfilled, due largely to the simple facts that Australia and New Zealand are highly competitive markets crowded with brands from around the world. It’s a tough business."

"It has been a dynamic five years but no one should be in any doubt, the next five years will be even more dynamic. The best is still to come."


What's the future like for Cat Trucks in Australia?"The best is still to come."

Posted by Owner Driver on Wednesday, 19 August 2015


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