Volvo in precautionary FH and FM recall

Potential pin problems identified in brake pedal assembly


Volvo Trucks Australia is conducting a precautionary recall of selected Volvo FH and FM trucks, built between November 26, 2012 and October 11, 2015.

This is a precautionary recall to inspect the brake pedal assembly of these trucks to ensure a split pin has been assembled correctly during the production process.

A recall notice states that if the split pin is not correctly installed or is missing, the clevis pin may come loose.

This may result in reduced brake performance when pressing the service brake pedal.

"There are no known incidents or accidents in Australia as a result of an incorrectly assembled brake pedal split pin," a Volvo spokesperson says.

"Volvo Trucks Australia’s safety and quality processes have identified the chance of fault as very low.

"However, with safety as a core value Volvo Trucks Australia has made the decision to recall these trucks as a precautionary measure.

Volvo has already started contacting all impacted customers in writing.

"Inspections of the identified vehicles has already commenced, and customer are encourage to contact their local dealer or authorised workshop to arrange a time for their vehicle to be inspected, free of charge, at their earliest convenience," the spokesperson says.

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