International Truck new vehicle support

New customer centre offers 24/7 vehicle support to help improve uptime


International Truck hails the benefits of its new 24/7 on-road customer support centre aimed at improving vehicle uptime.

The new Uptime Command Center is based at the company's headquarters in Lisle, Illinois, from where a cross-functional team of Navistar uptime specialists and key suppliers provide on-road support to customers in need.

The team makes use of the company’s OnCommand Connection telematics network, which constantly monitors and captures data from over 325,000 vehicles per day.

When a fault code signals that an OnCommand Connection-enabled truck is experiencing an unplanned maintenance event, the team makes use of vehicle health reports and location data to:

  • complete a full diagnosis of the vehicle
  • identify the closest dealer with an open service bay
  • determine the parts that are needed
  • confirm their availability           
  • direct the driver to the dealership performing the work.

For open cases, the team monitors trucks closely through a monitor board that measures vehicle downtime in minutes.

Navistar Truck and Parts president Michael Cancelliere says move is influenced by the company and its customers’ focus on improving uptime.

"The Uptime Command Center steps up our commitment to lead the industry in uptime," Cancelliere says.

"We're separating ourselves from the industry's traditional, reactive approach to maintenance and establishing a new paradigm – one that's proactive, predictive and collaborative."

Cancelliere says the "best way to eliminate downtime is not to have it in the first place".

"The Uptime Command Center reflects our steady progress in evolving to a proactive, predictive and collaborative maintenance model.

"It builds on the International A26 Customer Uptime Assurance Program, which we launched in August to signal our confidence in our newest 12.4-liter big bore engine."


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