Bridgestone goes green in Barossa

Bridgestone Australia as opened the second of its 'green-truck' service centre sites, this time in the Barossa Valley

Bridgestone goes green in Barossa
Bridgestone Service Centre Barossa boasts full B-double drive through access to its two workbays.


A new Bridgestone Service Centre in the Barossa Valley is the second under what the company says is its new ‘green-truck’ focus following the opening of Bridgestone Service Centre Hume in the ACT last year. A similar outlet is due to be opened in Western Australia later this year.

Located on the Old Sturt Highway in Nuriootpa, the Bridgestone Service Centre Barossa is said to incorporate sustainable features such as a solar panel array, energy efficient lighting and recycled rubber flooring.

It is also one of the few outlets in the greater Barossa region to boast full B-double drive-through bays.

Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand managing director, Andrew Moffatt, officially opened the Bridgestone Service Centre Barossa on January 31.

Bridgestone says the new outlet was developed with a focus on environmentally friendly features as well as meeting the demands of the fast-moving trucking industry.

"We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our new commercial stores uphold our pledge to reduce waste and operate as efficiently as possible," Moffatt says.

"More than 12 months of planning has gone into our new facilities to make sure they send a clear message about Bridgestone’s focus on sustainability.

"We have made a significant investment into our green-truck sites, but through our efforts to reduce long-term operational costs, we expect to see a return within five years. It’s another clear demonstration that giving back to society makes perfect business sense," he adds.

Bridgestone explains that, as well as powering the site, the solar panel array feeds energy back into the grid when the store is closed, and will have a digital display in the waiting room showing kWh generation and carbon-dioxide emission reductions.

In addition, energy efficient accessories such as variable speed inverter air conditioning and a variable speed air compressor have been installed throughout the site, which also uses a compressed air ring increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Bridgestone says integrated skylights throughout the work areas maximise natural light, while LED light fittings and signage has been utilised to lower energy use.

Flooring throughout the showroom, offices and fitting area is made from 90 per cent recycled rubber. The product used sees Bridgestone’s own end of life tyres and rubber shavings from the Bandag retread process repurposed instead of ending up as waste.

In addition, Bridgestone says all end of life tyres from the store will be recycled using Bridgestone’s recycling partner Tyrecycle.

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