Actros recall over faulty weld seam

Limited recall is second over welds in 2018 for Mercedes-Benz truck

Actros recall over faulty weld seam
Six Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks have been recalled over a faulty weld seam


Six Mercedes-Benz trucks have been recalled over a faulty weld seam, following an earlier recall of 16 vehicles in April this year over a similar issue.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) today issued a recall notice for the vehicles and urged affected owners to contact their nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle dealership.

In its product recall notice, the ACCC said the weld seam in question connects the propeller shaft head with the universal joint to the propeller shaft, including a sliding piece.

"This weld seam could potentially crack. If the weld seam fails, the propeller shaft could break damaging or destroying parts of the vehicle," the ACCC says.  

"Component parts may separate from the vehicle, increasing the risk of an accident."

The vehicle identification numbers of the recalled trucks are: WDB96342420024454, WDB96342420033038, WDB96342420059320, WDB96342420062951, WDB96342420063319 and WDB96342420067162.

The April recall was also due to a faulty weld seam, this one on a real axle housing that was not welded correctly during the production process on Actros and Arocs vehicles, the ACCC said at the time.

"This incorrect weld could decrease the amount of force the rear axle housing is capable of withstanding/transferring and could lead to a crack formation and breakage," the Commission said at the time.

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