Over 4000 sold in June: TIC

By: Andrew Hobbs

Truck Industry Council T-Mark data shows vehicle sales continue to beat previous records - with a strong showing for June

Over 4000 sold in June: TIC
Mercedes-Benz, which launched a range of all-wheel drive trucks in Australia late last month, sold 121 heavy duty trucks in June


June has been strong for the Australian commercial vehicle sales market – with over 4,000 vehicles sold over the course of the month, according to the latest Truck Industry Council T-Mark statistics.

Truck and van sales came in at 4,231 in June and 19,970 for the year to date, following a seasonal dip in April, well above the 3,879 sold in June last year and 16,791 sold in the six months to June 30, 2017.

The sales figures also beat those of 2008, widely considered to be boom time for vehicle sales, where 18,218 vehicles were sold at June 30, 3,671 sold that month.

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Heavy duty vehicle sales were up to 1,433, from 1,250 in June last year – with Kenworth keeping its dominant position of 271 vehicles sold at 18.9 per cent of the market – similar to the 17 per cent it held in June 2017.

But Mercedes-Benz was stronger in the month, with the 121 heavy duty vehicles sold pushing it into fourth place ahead of Scania – which fell from 127 vehicle sales in May to 101 in June – and Mack which stayed steady at 110 vehicles sold.

 Isuzu continued its dominance of the other truck segments, with 391 medium duty vehicles and 509 light duty vehicles sold in the month of June, taking up 43.7 per cent and 39 per cent of the total segment sales respectively.

Hino, with 232 medium duty sold, was in second place while Fuso kept its hands on bronze with 127 medium duty vehicles sold.

 For light vehicles, Hino took back its second place for the month with 271 vehicles sold, up from Fuso’s 226, after slipping into third place in May.

The tallies remain close, with Hino’s 1,285 light duty vehicles sold so far this year about 100 ahead of Fuso’s 1,182.

 In van sales, Mercedes-Benz retained its dominant position with 272 vehicles sold – 45.4 per cent of the market, though Renault made up ground on the May result with 141 sales in June, up from the 109 recorded in May, and taking its market share from 17.5 per cent to 23.5 per cent.

Ford sales, meanwhile, fell to 58 in June from 80 the month before, meaning the company lost fourth place to Volkswagen, which posted 59 van sales during June – up from 53 the month before.


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