Hanson fleet rejuvenation welcomes ACCOs

Construction materials company Hanson has taken on the first of 82 new ACCO 8x4 agitators as part of a fleet rejuvenation program

 Hanson fleet rejuvenation welcomes ACCOs
The new ACCOs adorned in the iconic Hanson livery


The program is set to replace older ACCO models within the Hanson fleet, alongside other truck brands. 

Hanson’s National Procurement Manager, Neil McDermott, sings the praises of the ACCO range based on tare, safety, and other benefits.

"In terms of tare weight, what the ACCO offers is very attractive," McDermott says.

"The lower the tare weight, the better it is from a fleet efficiency and business perspective."

Safety is paramount and McDermott explains that features like the ESC on the ACCO models purchased reduce rollover risks associated with agitators. 

"It’s a high centre of gravity application and couple this with the fact that the mixing bowl is rotating – if not driven correctly, concrete trucks can be prone to instability," he said.

"A safety feature such as ESC isn’t a substitute for careful driving but it’s an important piece of technology that reduces the likelihood of a rollover."

The new ACCOs will remain in service for 13 to 14 years, where the first eight years will be in a metropolitan environment, after which they’ll be retired to lighter regional work.

McDermott says it's been good for Hanson to re-establish a relationship with IVECO, after several years of purchasing competitor products.

"We bought solely IVECO for many years before making a change to try some other products," he says.

"Hanson had been keen to use ACCOs again and to build on our earlier partnership. We are also pleased to be supporting Australian manufacturing and boosting local employment through this latest purchase."

The first batch of the new ACCOs is already operating, with the remainder expected to be delivered within the first quarter of 2019. 

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