Cummins said to be ahead of 2021 EPA rules

US buyers get X12 and X15 compliant with new EPA emission standards for on-road trucks

Cummins said to be ahead of 2021 EPA rules
Cummins X15, along with the X12, is updated for next year


Engine-maker Cummins has unveiled updated X12 and X15 heavy-duty commercial truck engines compliant with the looming 2021 US emissions standards, according to reports there.

The move, aimed presently at US buyers, follows two months after the new X12 and X15 for emergency vehicle use were announced.

The updated engines are said to incorporate many of the 2020 Efficiency Series, launched in March, that it says offers up to 5 per cent better fuel economy for the X15.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) introduce Phase 2 of the standards in August 2016 for model year 2021-2027 heavy- and medium-duty trucks.

"Both the X15 and X12 engines feature a 75,000-mile [120,000k] oil drain interval for trucks getting 7 mpg or more, but the X15 Performance Series will get a 10,000-mile [16,00km] bump for 2021 in trucks getting between 5 and 7 mpg [2.1-3km/l]," Commercial Carrier Journal reports.

The 2021 gains are dependent on use of Endurant HD transmission and GPS-enabled features such as Predictive Engine Braking and Predictive Gear Shifting, it adds

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"Cummins’ 2021 heavy-duty products were designed with three core deliverables in mind: increased uptime, better overall total cost of ownership, and improved drivability," vice president – Cummins On-highway Engine Business Brett Merritt is quoted by publication The Trucker as saying.

"By delivering on these focus areas, Cummins’ products will offer better performance for the customer’s bottom line."

It adds that features such as SmartCoast, Predictive Cruise Control and Predictive Road Speed Governor will be available for customers with automated manual powertrains next year. 

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