Truck specific satnav and dash cam combo

Navman has released the MiCam Truck, a multi-faced GPS aimed at owner-drivers

Truck specific satnav and dash cam combo
The Mi-Cam truck offers specific road warnings for heavy vehicles.


Navman has announced the launch of MiCam Truck, a 7-inch dash cam that incorporates large vehicle navigation.

However, Navman is promoting the MiCam Truck as much more than a dash cam. Features include a trip planner for B-double, HAZMAT and truck routing, with truck specific warnings such as low gear and ‘no engine brake’. In addition, large vehicle assist warns of narrow laneways and low overpasses, as well as steep inclines.

Navman says its design team consulted with truck drivers, including feedback about previous products, for more than 12 months prior to manufacture.

With the recording of road accidents becoming an essential norm nowadays, the dash cam element is capable of recording in full HD 1080p with Starvis low light sensor, the GPS-tagged video displaying speed and location and a 3-axis G-sensor recording direction of impact.

"The MiCam Truck has been designed to give truck drivers maximum flexibility in how they use the device," Navman says.

"They can jump in the vehicle – without any route planned – and still get speed, red light and safety camera alerts against their exact location, as well as warnings about upcoming school zones or if there are changes in the road ahead."

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Drivers are advised to download the MiVUE Pro app to their phone for planning the route. The info is then sent to MiCam Truck.

Making and taking phone calls is via Bluetooth, as well as the ability to have incoming messages read aloud, a feature Navman says is normally only seen on high end luxury vehicles.

According to Navman, other MiCam Truck attributes include live traffic information while on the move, trip summaries with ETAs, traffic delays, surrounding incidents and alternate routes.

A big attraction is the ability to update maps and safety camera alerts at no cost. Navman says the updates can be downloaded via Wi-Fi instead of waiting to plug into a home computer.

The MiCam truck can also be converted to regular car or SUV mode for drivers taking a rare day off in their own vehicle.

The MiCam Truck retails for $549, however Navman advises that there is a $50 cash-back offer running through mid-January.

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