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Pure Hydrogen Taurus fuel cell prime mover hits the market

The new sustainable heavy vehicle has hit the market in Australia.

Zero-emissions heavy vehicle manufacturer Pure Hydrogen has announced that its Australian-designed Taurus hydrogen fuel cell prime mover is now for sale.

As reported by Stockhead, the Taurus is the first hydrogen fuel cell powered prime mover in Australia that could transform local long haul transport.

Pure Hydrogen has agreements with customers forming across a variety of industries as it sets its sights on large scale adoption of hydrogen fuel cell heavy transport vehicles.

These include a hydrogen agreement for waste removal trucks with JJ’s, with subsidiary H-Drive International receiving an order for two electric mini-buses.

Stockhead says the company has now made the Taurus ready to sell, with the vehicle with a range of more than 600kms ready to produce zero-emissions on Australian roads.

The hydrogen vehicle takes 15 minutes to refuel and features a range of leading components from the likes of Dana and CATL.

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