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Recall issued for select Mack models


Volvo Group has issued a recall for 13 of its Mack trucks due to a manufacturing defect.

The affected models include the ANA, CLX, CMH, and CSM in the year range 2021-2022.

Volvo Group warns that the gear set within the power steering assembly may have been installed incorrectly, resulting in a loss of steering control. 

“A loss of steering control could increase the risk of an accident, causing injury or death to vehicle occupants and/or other road users,” the recall notice says.  

Affected Mack vehicle identification numbers are:

  • 6FMAN1GT1MD812848 
  • 6FMML3NR3ND813023 
  • 6FMSL2GT0MD812856 
  • 6FMSL2GT5MD812853 
  • 6FMSL2GR8ND812996 
  • 6FMSL2GR5ND813040 
  • 6FMML3TR8ND813053 
  • 6FMTR1GR7MD812791 
  • 6FMTR1GR8MD812802 
  • 6FMSL2GT1MD812882 
  • 6FMSL2GT0MD812808 
  • 6FMTR1GR6MD812877 
  • 6FMAN1GT7MD812871 

Owners of affected vehicles should contact their preferred Volvo Group dealership to have work carried out to fix the problem, free of charge. 

You can find your nearest dealership here.

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