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REMINDER: Right lane ban kicks off

A reminder for readers that the right lane ban on the M1 kicks off tomorrow, August 1.


We recently reported on the ‘right lane ban’, a controversial move that comes ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, relegating trucks to the two left lanes from the M1/M3 merge at Eight Mile Plans to Nerang-Broadbeach Road.

The ban kicks off tomorrow, August 1, and it’s important to note the harsh penalties drivers of trucksover 4.5 tonnes face if caught in the right lane.

Truckies caught in the wrong will be hit with a $126 fine and a loss of three demerit point under the new law.

Other moves related to the Commonwealth Games include:

  • Allowing vehicles carrying athletes and officials under police escort to travel along the hard shoulder of a section of the M1 from Smith St to Hope Island at low speed if there is congestion that may prevent them from arriving at an event on time
  • Reducing the speed in the 100km/h zone by 10km/h to 90km/h from the M1/M3 merge at Eight Mile Plains to Logan Motorway interchange
  • Reducing the speed in the 110km/h speed zone by 10km/h to 100km/h from the Logan Motorway Interchange to Smith Street (Exit 66)
  • Temporary ramp management at the south bound Gold Coast Highway and Smith Street on-ramps
  • Additional Traffic Response Units and towing vehicles to ensure incidents are cleared as quickly as possible
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