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SA police investigate fire that burned 14 trucks

Detectives probe a possible arson attack in a truck yard north of Adelaide


The South Australian police department and the Holden Hills detectives are currently investigating the cause of a fire that damaged 14 heavy vehicles parked in a truck yard at Para Hills West, Adelaide today.

The Metropolitan Fire Services (MFS) and police received an anonymous tip around 2.20am about a fire that had erupted in the yard behind the BP fuel station just off Kesters Rd.

MFS discovered homemade fire-starting devices inside the trucks that is believed to have triggered the fire.

“Upon arrival at the scene emergency services located numerous small homemade incendiary devices had been placed into 14 unoccupied trucks and set alight,” a police statement reads.

The MFS crew was able to put out the fire before it could cause damage to surrounding property but not before the trucks suffered “extensive damage”.

Details about the incident, including its cause and owners of the damaged trucks is still unknown.

Police is calling the incident as “suspicious” and is urging anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers.

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